A new place to eat chicken

A new place to eat chicken

Casual eateries with serve only ribs, or only eggs, or only avocado toast are taking over the trendy parts of London at the moment, and usually I am fairly disparaging. They annoy me partly because of their trendiness - the 15-year-old nerd inside me continues to react with instant hostility to anything which appears to be 'cool' - and partly because they usually play hipster music which is so loud you can't hear your dinner companion, and if I'm complaining about this as a trendy 26-year-old creative type then you know it really has got out of hand. 

One such one-dish-only hipster hangout has seriously won me over though. Cookhouse Joe is a tiny site in Soho which serves rotisserie chicken, Lebanese style sides, and nothing else. But it's great. 


Various sizes of chicken (quarter, half or whole) are available, all roasted to perfection with crispy seasoned skin. The chicken is amazing value for money given the central London location, and makes Nando's look like a bad joke. A dad joke. A best man's speech which raises not even a giggle. That's how bad the protein available at Cookhouse Joe makes Nando's look by comparison. 

But the thing which really sets this place aside is the, er, sides. There's a range of options to choose from, from humous and pita to chargrilled corn (my fave), to fresh Lebanese salads and oozing griddled halloumi, all served with traditionally fiery hot sauce or Lebanese garlic sauce which may well be the greatest achievement of mankind thus far

It will make your breath smell for days (have the garlic sauce anyway it is so worth it) but the two friends I've taken so far cannot stop singing the praises of this place. Expect to leave stuffed to the point of explosion having spent about a tenner. 

Have you got any more we-only-serve-one-thing restaurant recommendations for me? 

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