More thigh highs. I can't stop myself.


I can't stop buying thigh high boots

This is absolutely not a sponsored post. Though I feel it is only prudent to point out that should Public Desire or any similar purveyors of beautiful on trend winter boots wish to shower me with cash in exchange for wearing their product for the rest of my life I for one would be entirely ok with that. 

I am basically living in thigh high boots at the moment. There was a golden period for fashion in my first term at uni (A/W 2009 in case you're wondering) wherein camel coats, gold accessories and thigh high boots were heralded as 'in'. I can tell you now I was in my element. The only fashion moment I have partaken in even nearly as passionately since then was the latter half of 2014 when the glory that was 'norm core' made it's way over from the US, thus permitting us all to wear flat shoes and ratty old tote bags and still look like a Vogue junior features editor. 

Normcore has since died a death, but my love for thigh highs live on. And on and on. I have promised myself I will not buy any more black over the knee boots after this pair, and now I am solemnly promising you too. 

Please do not permit me to buy any more. I am now approaching a point where 50% of my entire shoe collection is comprised of thigh high boots. My boyfriend is as of yet unaware of this, but he's moving in in 3 month's time and then my secret will be out. 


How could I resist though, really? Look at them

Already a proud owner and daily wearer of the Kalena velvet boots from Public Desire, I have now fallen for the Sydney western style faux suede boots. They have a beautiful pointed toe and the chunky block heel makes them genuinely comfortable, which was a surprise. They are also endorsed by someone called Hailey Baldwin. It is proof of how old at heart I am that this information was meaningless to me at the point of purchase and continues to mean absolutely nothing to me now. 

I highly recommend Public Desire if, like me, you have a bit of a thing for boots. They have a massive range of looks, affordable prices, and quick delivery, and they seem to capture the kind of styles I'm looking for much better than most high street shops. 

Seriously though do not let me buy any more. 

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