3 nights in Bruges, 10 weird facts

Bruges is unbelievably pretty. Almost comically pretty. You walk around half expecting someone to jump out from behind a quaintly painted horse and carriage to reveal that you are being punked because nowhere in the world actually looks like a disney princess village you idiot. But it does actually look like that. And you can get there without the hideous self-inflicted torture that is visiting Heathrow airport. 

The BF and I hopped on the Eurostar from King's Cross and were in Bruges by early afternoon. We stayed for three nights, which is long enough to see a lot of what the town has to offer, but not all of it. It's a great short break if you like scenic walks, chocolate, waffles, cheese (both of us), art (me) and history (him). It's not so great if you like crazy clubbing, water parks and kale. But if you like those things you probably won't like this blog either so we should perhaps part ways now. Thanks for your time. 

I've got a few more posts coming up on the best places to eat, see and hang out in coming up in case any of you are planning a trip soon, but for now I just wanted to share a few of my favourite snaps from the week. As well as some quick facts about the place:

ONE Being low-lying and relatively close to the sea, the air here is damp and salty. You hair will look an absolute state for the duration of your visit. There is nothing you can do about this. 

TWO Waffles are available at about every ten paces. They are all beyond doubt better than any waffles you have ever tried in England. Try to pace yourself. 

THREE Because of the way taxes work in Belgium, restaurant meals are jaw-droppingly expensive. Cheap alternatives can be found, but for a modest evening meal of a main course and one drink you will have to pay about £35 per person. The food is excellent quality, but it's not cheap. There's no way round it.

FOUR Snack food is cheap though, and also great. Belgians go in for french fries in a big way, and you can get them everywhere with a bewildering choice of sauces. High quality savoury bagels, dessert waffles and bratwurst are also available from traditional street kiosks for under £5.

FIVE Belgian art focuses a lot on hellfire, damnation and judgement day. A lot. It's unnerving

SIX Belgian humour is incomprehensible.

SEVEN Most restaurants have upwards of 30 beers to choose from. Wine however is limited to simply 'red', 'white', or 'rose'. 

EIGHT The weather is about the same at it is un the UK, with a little less rain. 

NINE You can walk almost everywhere in Bruges in half an hour or less. No taxis or trams necessary. 

TEN Belgium has been invaded by literally everyone over the last 1500 years, so their history is as fascinating as it is totally confusing, and Bruges-dwellers speak a minimum of 3 languages each. 

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