New York Pancake Tea

New york pancake tea

I just want to introduce you to T2. It's a tea brand which originated in Australia and has expanded across London over the past year. It's actually crazy that Britain hasn't had a trendy tea shop like T2 pop up earlier than this, given that it's our national drink. We have Whittards, but unless you're a fan of lavender water and cardigans it's unlikely to be a frequent shopping destination of yours. 

T2 is different. It's a place you can go to buy beautiful gifts for friends, or just to treat yourself without overspending. They stock hundreds of teas - from green to white to black to fruity and herbal infusions - and everything comes beautifully enclosed in slick cube-shaped boxes and topped off with black tissue paper. I know branding, and this is branding done excellently. Every detail has been thought of, so that shopping there is a real moment of joy. 

Can you tell I really like this place?

Today I stopped in to the shop on the King's Road during an afternoon of rainy early Autumn shopping, and picked up their 'New York Breakfast' blend. They have a few really unique breakfast teas, but the New York version is blended with vanilla and maple notes so that - wait for it - it tastes like syrupy pancakes. I am being dead serious. It's tea. But it tastes like maple pancakes. It's off the charts delicious, but not sugary, and without the aftertang of chemical flavourings. 

You just brew for 2-4 minutes, add a dash of whole milk (or don't, up to you) and allow yourself to be transported to an Autumn morning on the blustery streets of NYC. Totally heavenly, highly recommended. 

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