Totally the wrong time for a big snarky makeup haul

I am on constant alert. While I apply my mascara and sip my coffee I watch American news highlights on youtube

I am reaching peak Trump. To be clear, we are not reaching peak Trump - we, sadly, are far from the apex of this particular chapter of human history - but I am. I am on constant alert. While I apply my mascara and sip my coffee I watch American news highlights on youtube. On the tube to work I click through 3 or 4 Trump articles as suggested to me by twitter. At work on my lunch break, before unwrapping my wrap or dressing my salad, I google one word and hit the google 'news' tab. 

The word is Trump, obvs. 

I feel like disengaging from the awfulness for any length of time is a dereliction of my civic duty as an inhabitant of the world and believer in Generally Not Being Shit To People, which is very noble of me obviously. But on a less noble note, I am unable to peel my eyes from the screen because the freefall of the American constitution and its gravitational downwards pull on even the loftiest o the world's democracies is a spectacle that keeps on giving. More Trump news will always be there. More lies, more intrigue, more of the singularly most abysmal press handling the universe has ever seen. Every time I hit refresh. It will always be outrageous and egregious. Every time.

I feel like there is almost no point writing about anything else, so central is the conduct of the Whitehouse to everything going on everywhere right now.

Which is precisely why I have to stop. I have reached peak Trump. I'm losing it. In a highly educational way (seriously - test me on Supreme Court process. I dare you).  

But this is not a political blog, and before sh*t really started to hit the fan in the US government I bought a bunch of exciting new makeup with the intention of testing it all out and reporting back to you because science. So that's what we're here for today. Not everything pictured above is new to the fold, but I want to pass on some of my very scientific findings to you on a couple of things.

1 - EX1 Invisiwear foundation

This is a classic case of a Product With A Really Good Name. Invisiwear *spirit fingers*. Makes it sound like that illusive thing  - 'no makeup makeup' - bottled. And when you first apply it, you almost eel that it could be. Applied with a damp beauty blender (my new favourite way to apply everything) it meshes beautifully with the skin, evens out any dodgy looking bits and even smoothes out pronounced pores (woo!). It has a very natural finish which is somewhere between satin and matte, and which mimics real skin almost perfectly. This foundation's problem, though, is with its wear-time. It just wears badly. It kind of clumps up, it accentuates dryness (which I have lots of) and patches off in oilier areas like the nose and chin. On first application I thought it might beat out my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, but when it comes to longterm wear or the office or parties, there is no comparison. Good job on the name though. Good job. 

2 - Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 

This is excellent in a really in your face way. It's extravagantly, almost obscenely good. It applies very creamy, but not heavy, and blends out easily into a non-greasy but pleasingly fine-line-filling texture. It gives what I would describe as medium coverage, but I know those descriptions are usually pretty useless. So I'll say this: it covers day to day under eye shadows and gives a general impression of perkiness, but it won't fool your mum into thinking you're not hungover. For that you need something more heavy duty. But since for my day to day look I do my utmost to avoid 'heavy' looking makeup, it's spot on for me. Pro tip: even I, the palest of ghostgirls, found the lightest shade too light. If in doubt, go one shade darker than you think. 

3 - Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara 

I dunno guys. I was in Topshop, I was having one of those slightly guilt-inducing I-want-to-buy-something-just-because moments and I plumped for this because I've heard so many people wax lyrical about it. Also I like tubing mascaras. I like that they don't flake, don't make my eyes feel heavy and tired by the end of the day, and can be removed with just warm water and a flannel. And as far as tubing mascaras go, this is a nice one. It gives a pretty dramatic, volumised look, which is my preferred route when it comes to lashes. Go big or why are you not going big amirite? The one issue with it is that a lot of product comes out on the brush. A lot. Like so much that using the applicator without wiping it off would be more like applying a thick black eye cream than combing ones lashes. So you have to wipe off the excess on the tube, which is wasteful and messy and a bit of a faff. Once on though, you've got huge, voluminous, deep black lashes that'll last you all day and night no problems. So probably worth it. 

Have you tried any of these? Thoughts plz.

Also have you reached peak Trump? Do we need to form a support group? 

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