What does one wear to a house party?

When you're me, dressing for anything is a challenge. Suffering from a combination of sartorial OCD (no frills, no patterns, no jewellery, and absolutely no more than six separate items in any one outfit or the world will end ) and a perpetual low key dread of looking 'basic', the stakes are always high and it never quite comes out right. My overworking, accessory-and-fuss-phobic brain needs me to be normcore, but my soul she cannot take it. I cannot wear a hoody. I cannot. do it. 

I usually manage to circumnavigate this particular brand of crazy by painstakingly assembling one or two outfits per season which just about tread the line between reassuringly minimal and impactful enough to escape the shuddersome 'basic' label, which I then wear on a constant rotation until the weather renders them obsolete. Thigh high boots are perfect for this purpose, which is why I heart them so heartily. And that's all good for day to day and work wear. 

But dressing for a house party? That's hard. I would even go as far as to say it's difficult difficult lemon difficult. I would love to say that - like I imagine Kate Moss does - I simply throw on whatever falls out of my wardrobe along with some busted up biker boots and go on my merry way, but sadly that's not the case. There's simply so much to consider. You want to look put together but not like you've made a huge effort to be put together. You want to look interesting but not try hard. You want to look hot in a way that only other women will understand. Because that's the best kind of hot. 

My solution this weekend centred around - yup - more thigh high boots, this time from & Other Stories, as well as this unassuming but very hard-working skirt from Monki. Since I chopped myself a new fringe I've been enjoying leaning more 60s in my makeup and clothes, and this gave a bit of that without looking like fancy dress or deviating too distressingly from my usual black/grey/navy palette. 

It's not easy, but sometimes in order to walk the road of peace, we must climb the mountain of smart casual

I think perhaps I overthink things. 

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